Distributor FAQ

Will I have my own personal replicated web site that I can send people to look at the information and order courses from?
  • Yes
Will the replicated site keep track of whomever signs up for courses through my replicated site?
  • Yes
How often will I be paid commission?
  • Every 2 weeks
Do I need a paypal account to be paid?
  • Yes.  
  • If you have a paypal account you can enter the information in the distributor zone.  
  • If you don’t have a paypal account please create one so we can pay you.
What venues can I use to promote the health, herbal, and iridology courses?
  1. Your replicated web site
  2. Social Media:  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Printed fliers to hand out and post in schools, libraries, post offices, retirement facilities, etc.
  4. E-mail to mailing lists and people you know or want to promote to
  5. Telephone calling to cold calls or anyone you know or want to promote to
Can I use your images and wording to promote?
  • You are welcome to use any of the information we have provided on our affiliate site to promote the courses to anyone you know.  
  • You are welcome to copy the pictures we provide and the wording.
How often can I promote these courses using my replicated site?
  • Every day.   
  • The more you promote the better your sales will be.  
  • They say that the work you do today will pay you next month so work on this a little bit every day and you will benefit greatly.
How do I talk to college students about this opportunity?
  • College students are interested in learning.  They are sponges.  
  • Talk to them about your personal experience learning about health and wellness and iridology.  
  • Talk to them about the business opportunity and how it can help them pay for their tuition or food or whatever they need to buy to help them through college and to start saving money.  
  • Not only is this a great business opportunity but it helps everyone improve their health and the health of those around them.
How do I talk to the elderly about this opportunity?
  • Talk to the elderly about their health.  
  • Find out if they are in pain or are having health issues and talk to them from a health standpoint.  
  • Most elderly people are set with their retirement so they don’t need the extra income but if they do you can always talk to them about the business opportunity and that not only can they improve their health by learning about herbs and health and wellness, but they can also make a little bit of money while they are doing it.  
  • And they can help their family in both ways as well.
Can I promote these classes in health food stores and other places of business?
  • Yes as long as you have permission from the store owners and you use our wording.  
  • We will need to know where you are promoting when you get permission.  

Please give the information to Brenda through e-mail to iridology@netzero.net

How much do I get paid per course sold?
  • The replicated site is tiered so for anyone who signs up through your site for a course which costs $300 or more you will be paid $100 commission.  
  • If you sign up a distributor under your through your site then your commission is prorated.
How much does it cost a new person to become a distributor?

It will cost $20 per year to be a distributor through us once we launch the site.

If someone signs up will they get their own replicated site?