Certified Fertility Counselor Course Payment Plan

$100.00 / month for 3 months


Joyful Living Services is pleased to offer a Certified Fertility Counselor Online Course.


Course Details
This course contains 12 lessons on the web. The files are in Adobe PDF format and are ready to download. You will receive a certificate at the end of this course. There is homework with each session and there is a test at the end of the course. The homework and test will be graded as you turn them in. They will need to be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to us. This course is on your own time so you can complete the lessons at your own pace. If you are going on vacation, are ill, or don’t have the time every week to read the lesson and complete the homework you will not be penalized. Because this course is online and is on your own time, you are responsible for turning in your homework when it is done. You will receive your certificate once all the homework has been turned in and once your final exam is graded and passed.


Course Cost
Course cost is $300. The course can be paid monthly. It can be paid by check, credit card, or bank wire.


Special Double Course Discount
If you would like to take two courses at the same time, you can take them for a discount of $100. Let us know if you want to take advantage of this special double course discount when you register.


Course Definition
The term “fertility” refers to a person’s ability to produce offspring. Getting to know your body and the signs associated with your most fertile days is an important aspect of your sexual health. If you want to become pregnant it will help you to achieve those results more quickly. If you want to avoid having children, understanding your fertility will enable you to avoid having unprotected intercourse during your peak fertile times. Seeking the help of a fertility specialist is recommended when a couple has been unable to conceive within a year. If you are over the age of 35, time is of greater importance as successful conception becomes more and more unlikely as we age. Infertility affects at least 1 in 5 couples. That’s a whopping 25% of the world’s population that suffer from infertility in some fashion! Luckily, the majority of couples who suffer from fertility will find help – usually through finding the right fertility clinic and or doctor where infertility therapy can begin. Some couples will adopt, some will decide upon surrogacy and many will eventually time conception just right and manage it without outside help.

This course is designed to teach you about fertility and infertility as well as the alternative options available for yourself and others.


About the Instructor

Amanda Brown has been an advocate in the field of fertility for over four years. As a Certified Herbal Counselor, Amanda continues to advocate for and educate about infertility, health, and wellbeing. Amanda is a columnist for Woman’s Essence Magazine; Housewives Magazine, and has helped many women with her columns on health and nutrition. Amanda has also created a large educational fertility website, and contributes to a large online infertility forum which has brought voices to many women. Amanda shares her own personal experience with secondary infertility and recurrent losses.


Course Schedule
1 Introduction to Fertility and Brief History of Infertility
2 First Half of Cycle (Follicular Phase) and Hormones
3 Ovulation: What can Interrupt Ovulation and Tools for Ovulation
4 Egg (Ovum) and Sperm
5 Conception and Pregnancy Testing
6 Luteal Phase and Hormones
7 Menstruation Details – Clotting, What’s Normal or Abnormal
8 Infertility and What can Compromise it Including Blood Tests
9 How to Help Fertility in Both Men and Women Through the Use of Foods and Dietary Changes
10 What Can Harm Fertility
11 List of Hormones Involved with the Fertility Cycles
12 Alternative Treatments for Fertility and Infertility: The Use of Medicinal Herbs
13 Final Exam, Certification, and Class Evaluation


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