Become Certified In Iridology In 2018!

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This is our Iridology Course Series.  It includes our Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Iridology Courses.


Beginning Iridology Correspondence Course – $300

Do you know how to read your Irises?  Learn the following:

  • History of Iridology and Specific Iridology Signs.
  • Difference between blue, mixed, brown Irises.
  • How Herring’s Law of Cure Affects Us.
  • What Iridology Does for Us.
  • Recognition of the Eye and Study of the Iridology Chart.
  • Seven Zones of the Body, Four Disease Stages, Four Levels of Inflammation.
  • Four Elimination Channels, Reversal Process.

Intermediate Iridology Correspondence Course – $300

Follow up to further strengthen your skills and do Professional Iridology. Learn the following:

  • Review Iris Signs and Iridology Chart.
  • Find Iris signs in each Participant.
  • Perform a Constitutional Iridology Analysis from beginning to end.
  • Iris Analysis using the 8 Systems of the Body.
  • What organs are in each system and how to tell which system is not functioning properly.
  • Which Herbs, Vitamins, and Minerals are Necessary to Promote Growth In Systems.
  • Detect Growths.
  • Detect Mineral Deficiencies.
  • Detect Inflammation Causing Symptoms.
  • Compare Beginning and After Iris Slides to Learn Benefits of Lifestyle Changes.


Advanced Iridology Correspondence Course – $300

Follow up to perform Professional Iridology and become certified.  Learn the following:

  • Review Constitutional Iridology Signs and Perform and Analysis from Beginning to End
  • Draw the Iris of the Eye.
  • Perform Iris Analyses from Photos.
  • Perform Iris Analyses from Drawings of Previous Analyses.
  • Learn How to Take Iris Photos.
  • Learn British Iris Signs.
  • Learn Rayid Iris Signs.
  • Learn German Iris Signs.
  • Introduction to Sclerology.
  • Separate Final Exam – $100 once you’ve passed beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.


Each Course Includes:

3 DVDs or 3 videos, Instruction Manual, Practice Manual, Test Manual, Photo Manual, Course Syllabus

Price:  $300 each with manuals on CD-ROM


Regular Price:  $900 + manuals on CD-ROM for all 3 courses!

This Month’s Special:  Purchase all 3 courses for $450!!

SAVE 50% Today!!!


Courses can be taken anytime at your home or office.  They are Convenient!


You Will Receive A Certificate of Completion after Each Course Is Completed and a Certificate of Excellence after You Pass the Final Exam!


Courses are certified and approved and offer 40 CECs by the California Board of Registered Nursing – BRN Provider No. 13837


Prepayment Required by Check, Money Order, Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Western Union, or PayPal


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