Herbal Counselor Course Payment

$100.00 / month for 3 months

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You are welcome to use our payment plan to take this course.


Joyful Living Services’ is pleased to offer our Certified Herbal Counselor Online and CD-ROM Course.


Course Details

This course runs for 16 weeks if taken online.  Otherwise it is on CD-ROM.  It contains 16 lessons on the web or on CD-ROM.  If you are taking this course online, the files are in Microsoft Word RTF format and are ready to download.  If you are taking this as a CD-ROM course, the files are in Microsoft Word RTF format on the CD-ROM.  You will receive a certificate at the end of this course.  There is homework with each session and there is a test at the end of the course.  The homework and test will be graded as you turn them in.  They will need to be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to us. This course is on your own time so you can complete the lessons at your own pace.  If you are going on vacation, are ill, or don’t have the time every week to read the lesson and complete the homework you will not be penalized.  Because this course is online or on CD-ROM and is on your own time, you are responsible for turning in your homework when it is done.  You will receive your certificate once all the homework has been turned in and once your final exam is graded and passed.


Course Cost

This course costs $300. The course is on our payment plan.  It can be paid by check, credit card, or bank wire.  This course must be paid in full up-front if on CD-ROM.


Special Double Course Discount

If you would like to take two courses at the same time, you can take them for a discount of $100.  Let us know if you want to take advantage of this special double course discount when you register.



Course Definition

Herbs perform many healing functions in the body, but they must be used appropriately, not indiscriminately.  Although herbal remedies are less likely to cause side effects, they can be very potent.  Not all plant life is beneficial.  There are poisonous plants, and some of them are deadly, especially if used for long periods of time.  Since herbs contain active ingredients, you should be aware that some of these elements may interact negatively with prescribed medications.  This course is designed to teach you about the safety of herbs and how to use them appropriately for yourself and others.


Course Schedule

Session 1:     Course Overview, Course Definition and Introduction to Herbs

Session 2:     Herbs and their Uses

Session 3:     The Action of Herbs

Session 4:     The Digestive System

Session 5:     The Intestinal System

Session 6:     The Glandular System

Session 7:     The Nervous System

Session 8:     The Respiratory System

Session 9:     The Circulatory System

Session 10:   The Urinary System

Session 11:   The Structural System

Session 12:   The Immune System

Session 13:   Common Ailments and Historical Uses of Herbs

Session 14:   Weight Gain and Loss

Session 15:   Herbs and Surgery

Session 16:   Quick Reference-Conditions/Herbs

Herbs that should not be used with Medications: Quick Reference -Medications/Herbs

Final Exam, Certification, and Class Evaluation


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