Sclerology Basics DVD Course


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Kit materials:

  • Grand Medicine Sclerology BASICS Course on 7 DVDs
  • Grand Medicine Sclerology BASICS Handbook
  • Grand Medicine SCLEROLOGY Map


Source material: video presentation at Hunter College, New York City, + San Diego classroom & studio; live course offerings in many countries over many years; clinic work with 1000s of patients since 1972.


Physical Iridology emphasizes genetics, while Sclerology shows us current health events. Learning Sclerology, Iridologists use it far more than Iridology. With Sclerology (“the other half of the equation”), you’re miles ahead of those who know only Physical Iridology. Your Sclerology BASICS Course is equivalent to 12 weeks of college classroom instruction. With the images up on your computer or TV screen, take all the time you need to understand how markings appear, what each means, and when & where to help your client.